Frequently asked questions

• What is the smallest possible batch to be processed?
200 t or 04 reactors.

• What is the equipment cost estimate?
The equipment is specially designed to each client. The survey on the business objectives, location, raw material, logistics etc is one of the many factors that determine the cost.

• Can the equipment generate electric power?
Yes. It’s possible to harness some tar, which is fuel for electric power generation.

• Does it use electric power?
Yes, small amounts to cause the gases to circulate.

• Does it use water?
Yes. 10% of the charcoal weight. E.g.: A 200 t/month equipment requires 20 m3 of water/month.

• Can the equipment be relocated?
Yes. The project was developed so that the equipment is modular for the practical purpose of easy relocation.

• Does it take qualified workforce?
No. The workforce is trained by the DPC team and are provided with tools that facilitate the equipment operation.

• Is it necessary to chop the wood into small logs?
No. Wood logs can be up to 6,5 m long.

• Is it possible to get financing?
Yes. In Brazil, the equipment can be financed to applicants through FINAME, which is an official line of credit. Any accredited financial institution can negotiate the deal.

• Does the process generate incompletely carbonized wood residue?
No semi-carbonized wood residue is generated, because the equipment is pressurized.